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As a child, Greg was completely awed by nature and quickly made a kinship with his surroundings in Michigan. Today, as an active wood carving artist and glass engraver, he continues to display this love through his artwork. Many of those who come in contact with Greg’s Wood Carvings and Glass Art are floored by his attention to detail and his ability to create pieces that looks so 3-Demensional.  They find it hard to believe that this work was not created by some sort of new-age laser but in truth, all of Greg Warner’s artwork is created freehand.

For those who are interested in a piece from the Greg Warner Studio, there are a few projects to choose from. From his role as a glass engraver, Greg offers the option of non-illuminated or illuminated glass art. While non-illuminated glass carvings appear best when placed in direct light, their counterpart has fluorescent lighting within the frame, making its image bright and visible, regardless of the lighting.

As a wood carving artist, Greg will sometimes work alongside his Amish neighbors. They build different types of furniture, mantels and frames while Greg carves beautiful designs into them. Using rotary tools, he is able to create that 3-Demensional look that everyone loves so much, producing a smooth and textured finished product.”

For more information on Greg’s art and to take a closer look at some of his previous work, please read on. Then, feel free to contact us for a quote today!

Illuminated Glass Art Carvings
Our Cabin - Glass Engraving Image Custom Glass Carved Chandelier Just Me - Engraved Glass Image Eyes on You - Engraved in Glass - Wolf

These glass art pieces have fluorescent lighting within the frames. The light travels through each pane of glass.  The carving of the glass gathers the light, giving the piece a fiber optic appearance against a black background.  Many of the carvings have several panes of glass and are carved on both sides of the panes.

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Non-Illuminated Glass Art Carvings

Forever Tulips - Non Illuminated Glass Carving Lost in Time - Layers of Glass Carved Just For Me - Glass Engraving My Inspiration - Tree and Moon Engraved in Glass

These glass carvings have no internal lighting and appear best when light is directed at them such as a soft spot light or placed where sunlight is used to enhance the details of the carving.  Most of these pieces also have several panes of glass and are carved on both sides of the glass.

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Wood Carvings

Custom Carved Wood Fireplace Mantel by Greg Warner Detail of Carved Wood Mantel

Greg starts by gluing together pieces of wood of various sizes before the carving process begins.  Deep carving is made with rotary tools to create a gnarly three dimensional look.  Greg’s attention to detail is obvious by the smooth, consistent texture of the finished product. Final staining and sealing add the finishing touch to these one-of-a-kind original works of art.

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